Welcome Bexhillian Magazine readers!

The Bexhillian Magazine is a useful reference guide displaying a colourful selection of advertising for local businesses, charities, events, editorials that are written by local people on a variety of subjects from gardening to fashion, competitions, puzzles and really useful telephone numbers directory including emergency and local health authorities. All aimed to provide as much important information to the residents of Bexhill, East Sussex as we can.

Our magazine is delivered door to door into 6000 homes on a monthly basis. Now because Bexhill has over 20,000+ homes, some homes will only receive their issue bi-monthly. But! If you do not receive your copy one month, or haven’t received it at all, we strongly advise that you contact us with your address and we will deliver a copy straight to your door.

We hope you enjoy our colourful and informative little mag! We openly welcome your comments and suggestions please, so that we may improve our service to the town. Shown at the top, right hand side you will see links to our social media spaces so that you can talk directly to us and watch the updates throughout the months as they happen. You can either post your comments in our Facebook group or email us, whichever you prefer. We share important information about the magazine in our social media spaces, such as monthly editorials, poll questions, photos from our competition entrants and generally meet and greet people who want to promote their business, charity and event. As Twitter is only 140 characters, dependent on how long your comment is, we would advise contacting us with your suggestions for our magazine via facebook or email. All we ask is that you remain respectful to other members of the Facebook group and refrain from bad language and rude comments please. Spammers, link dropping and rudeness from anyone will result in their removal from the group.

We also have a useful calendar, displayed in the right sidebar. Our deadline date of the 26th of each month comes around very quickly and if you’re writing editorial or need an advert designed, or submitting your own advert, please make sure that you get in touch with us in plenty of time so that we may send out our pdf proofs, via email, for approval. After the date of the 26th we go to print and shortly after that they are moved to our distribution team. We cannot move or alter these schedules that are in place. As professionals we have a duty to abide by our binding agreements with all of our monthly contributors. Maintaining our strict guidelines is paramount to us so that everyone, including us, is treated fairly.

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If you would like to place an advert in the next issue, publicise your event, or if you would like to write a non advertising, generic editorial piece on a specific topic then please get in touch with us here and one of our team will help you with your enquiry. Don’t worry if you haven’t got an advert we can design it for you, contact us with your requirements and we will create a design for you and send you a pdf proof via email, or a printed version in the post to a specified address. Alternatively you can call this number during our business hours 0843 886 3355 (local call rates apply, but mobile service charges may vary). Our business hours are Monday to Friday inclusive, from 9am to 5pm. Any calls outside of business hours will be directed to our voicemail service, all messages will be dealt with at our earliest opportunity.